French toast

Christine P

Looks devine, doesn't it?

This was a product of my first gluten-free breakdown earlier today. I brought home a new loaf of bread from the market, the second kind I've tried since the onset of this gluten-free diet. The first was tolerable, but just not very good. Not satisfying, as bread should be. So... I picked up Ener-G's Tapioca loaf.

Got home, opened the package to be assaulted by a most terrible stench. Sort of a sour milk meets too much yeast smell. "Okay, be brave. Take a bite. It can't be near as bad as it smells." And yet, it was. And I just sort of sat down in the kitchen, on the floor, with this disgusting piece of bread in my hand, and cried.

David, in an effort to console me, took a bite himself and said... "Well... make something with it. How about french toast? Add enough cinnamon and egg and syrup and you wou't be able to taste the bread at all."

So I did. French Toast with a double helping of vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg thrown in. It browned up nicely and held together as well as can be expected of any real bread. I tried a bit without the syrup, but it still was pretty bad. So I poured about a gallon of rich maple syrup over the whole thing, and saturated my tastebuds with the maple flavor.

I miss wheat flour more than I have missed anything inanimate in my life.

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