Carmen Sisson

An old one from my archives for the Utata challenge, but I think it's still relevant. Shoes have been a HUGE part of my year. They've taken me to other states, to places and experiences I've never had. These shoes were bought for my trip to Boston, and they were SO worth it.

Snippet from my original blog entry:

New shoes. Not little wimpy girl shoes. Double agent shoes. The kind perfectly suited to sashaying across the airport or kicking down doors. All business with a whiff of bad girl mixed into the soft black leather. I could seriously grow accustomed to this shopping thing.

And oh, did I mention? I'm goin' to Baaahhhstaahhhn. For six weeks. To co-mingle with some of the most brilliant writers in the nation. To see some of the coolest, most historic stuff in the country. And yes, to eat chowwwdaaahhh. I'm tellin's gonna be wicked haaadcoah. :-)

And so it was. :-)

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