The Little Mutant Bike That Could

Elisabeth Feldman

I live in No. California (outer edges of Marin) and we are a bastion of green, weird, artsy and oft wrongly perceived as goofy folks who carry crystals (o.k. I'm sure there's a crystal around here but...) and just won't grow up. For better and worse - our better and worse reputation draws some pretty funky events. One of the highlights this year was the Cyclecide Rodeo, a group of brilliant mutantcyclemakers pushing the cause of humanpoweredvehicle fun and creativity. Locals bring their own.

My favorite of them all was this sweet one, trying to look so tough and toxic among the super creations such as the bike that will blend your smoothy as you ride. This little one was largely ignored. It's surprising given that we're supposed to be wheeling small but I guess it did'nt do enough to call attention to itself.

Always for the underdog, I got on and didn't get very far very fast but if I had to choose a winner - This Little Bike that Could would have gotten the blue ribbon. I honor its size and humility.

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