Iron Photographer 10

It's time to introduce the ingredients for Iron Photographer 10. And here they are: 1 - something inside of something (see below) 2 - water (see below) 3 - no artificial lighting (see below) The first element...something inside of something. This intentionally broad. All you have to do is put a thing inside another thing. BUT the image needs to show both things. You can't, for example, seal Schrödinger's cat inside a steel box...unless you can find a way to show the box and the sealed cat inside in the same photograph. The second element...water. The water cannot be either the thing inside the other thing nor can it be the thing in which the other thing is put. The water has to be a distinct element in addition to the first element. The last artificial lighting. By that we mean no manipulation of light sources. No flash, no arranging of lamps, no flashlights, no tampering with ordinary lighting. We will accept ordinary electric lighting (such as ceiling lights or pool lights, etc.). There it is. Get out your cameras and get cooking.
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