Food for Soul and Body

Liz West

Sticking with a “less-is-more” philosophy, I picked out some glass bowls so I wouldn’t have to worry about what colors worked well with tomato red. And then I started shooting. I shot against white backgrounds. I shot against black. I shot tomatoes lined up on shallow dishes and piled in footed bowls and inside a glass tube.

The results have pleased me. These were not images of foodstuffs, exactly. These were images of colors and curves and highlights and shadows. These were images that made me smile. They were food for the soul.

Because they showed tomatoes instead of roses, were they any less soulful? I don’t think so. Furthermore, the images convinced me that the distinction I used to make about flowers and food was a silly one. An image of flowers is not inherently more satisfying to the soul than an image of food is. A food photo can satisfy the soul equally well.

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