Feed Soul and Body

Liz West

I have always loved flowers. They lift my spirits and delight my soul. Everything about them appeals to me: their shapes, their colors, their texture, their scent, and how they feel beneath my fingers.
I am no gardener. In fact, I have what some might call a black thumb. I kill most houseplants within weeks. So I no longer try to grow them. Instead, I enjoy the occasional bouquet of bought or gathered flowers.
I not only display them prominently in my house, but I also usually spend time lovingly photographing them. I’m not even sure why I do this. Partly, I think, so that I can concentrate on one particular aspect at a time. At one time, I may focus on the entire bouquet. I notice the variety of blooms, their colors and how well they go together, their arrangement as viewed from different angles, the scent of the bouquet, and how it appears in various types of light.

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