PEI Tulips

Liz West

Every year on my birthday, my brother sends me a wonderful bouquet. A friend of his is a floral designer, and he tells my local florists just what sort of bouquet to send me each year. The flowers are never the same. One year, I received an all-white bouquet; another year, I received only flowers with deep, saturated colors. This year, I received a pastel bouquet that reminds me of an English perennial garden.

As always, I have carried this bouquet all around the house, placing it in different locations and enjoying what strikes me in each place. In the living room, the morning sun streams through an east-facing window and strikes just a few of the tulips.

The man who delivered the flowers clearly enjoyed my pleasure on seeing the flowers. He pointed out some lovely pink flowers to me, saying happily, “These are Prince Edward Island tulips.” His joy in their heritage was contagious, and from that point on I noticed them every time I glanced at the bouquet.

For me, flowers are a definite food for the soul.

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