plenty of warning, but so little time

Greg Fallis

The toy: There was plenty of warning, but so little time. The news said there would be flooding, but they always said that. The water came slowly and people watched, and it still came and people watched and got concerned, and it didn’t stop coming and the police came during the night with sirens and told people they had to evacuate.

They packed what they needed in case they had to stay with friends and family for a day or two. Take the dog; the dog needs to be fed, but cat will be okay on its own for a couple of days. You want your bear or your bunny rabbit? You can only take one. Hurry up, we’ve got to go.

So they left. And the water came, seeping in, all brown and smelly, deep enough to cover even a toy abandoned on the sofa. And it stayed. For eight days.

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