Beckett Gladney

“Maybe once you’ve tasted that high from all that attention and applause it’s really hard to go home and do all your laundry. Maybe you try drugs to see if they can make you feel that high like you did when you were performing.”
“I bet she didn’t have to do her own laundry. She could afford anything.”
“Well, but you know what I mean, right?”
“I guess. It’d feel really stupid and depressing to have go home after a big concert and then have to wash the dishes or clean the cat box.”
“Somehow I doubt she had to clean a cat box. I wonder if she had any cats or pets.”
“She shoulda had a mom to take care of all that stuff.”
“Huh. Not everybody’s mom is willing to clean the stupid cat box, Riley.”
“Okay, but maybe if she did she’d have been happier. Maybe she really needed a cat, too.”
“Yeah, maybe. Maybe she needed a stuffed anteater and a kitty in her bed at night. You think that might have made her feel better about her life?”
“Better than crack, I bet.”

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