Beckett Gladney

“But Whitney Houston was all smiling and happy looking when she was singing the National Anthem. She looks really happy.”
“I think that was from a few years back, Riley. I’m sure she was really happy right when she was singing, that sort of thing is one of those high points, a great moment sort of thing in a life, don’t you think?”
“Yeah, and she did lots of performing and stuff so she must have felt that way a lot, right? That sounds like a pretty happy life, doesn’t it?”
“Well, what happens then when she wasn’t as famous and didn’t get to do as many big performances and just had to live in the everyday world more?”
“Do you think somebody like that maybe just can’t live a regular boring life?”
“Maybe; I think some famous people really live for those big moments and it’s maybe just not possible to live high like that all of your life; everybody has to live through the mundane stuff too. Like all the everyday chores and all. Don’t you think?”

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