Beckett Gladney

“Sometimes it’s not so easy to just put it all behind you and get over it. And I think it could be incredibly hard to be really famous.”
“What do you mean?”
“Well, think about it. If you’re super famous, say like Tom Cruise or Whitney Houston, and everybody on the planet pretty much knows your face, what do you think would happen if you just went down to the grocery store?”
“… Hmm. I guess they might get a big mob around them. And maybe they’d get attacked or something.”
“Yeah. How would that be? To never be able to just walk down the street without people pulling at you, following you, bugging you, wanting things from you?”
“But some people really want to be really famous.”
“True, and they might really, really like all that attention. But then what happens if they stop being as famous and nobody pays attention to them anymore?”
“They might miss all that attention and feel like a total loser... It might make them really upset. They’d be all sad and angry.”
“Maybe that was happening to Whitney Houston.”

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