Beckett Gladney

“Whitney Houston used crack.”
“I think I heard that too.”
“I don’t think she died from a drug overdose, but everybody says she used crack.”
“Why would she want to use crack?”
“Maybe somebody offered it to her and she tried it. I think it’s easy to get caught in a downward spiral with drugs like that. Maybe you’re just feeling blah and then you try it and it makes you feel different, great, for a short while, and then it wears off and you feel incredibly lousy, worse than before. So maybe then you take more to get back that high feeling and after you feel even more lousy and it just leads you into this downward spiral. I don’t know really. Maybe she was unhappy in her life. Seems like everyone is saying she was really unhappy in the last few years.”
“But why would she be unhappy? Look at her life—she was famous and rich and she had everything a person could want.”

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