Phillip Chee

love letter now [6/6]
Oh my, I miss you
Don't I.

The water reaches my toes, smothering the sand
on the beach where I sit.
Receding & advancing in wave upon wave, the
gravity of the situation.
The water reaches my calves, smothering the sand, which
makes no sound on the empty beach where I lay.
Incredible how attraction covers such a distance — I'm safe when the moon
is in apogee.
The water reaches my thighs, smothering the sand, smoothing
the surface of small moons, as if there are as many stars in the universe
as there are grains of sand on this beach, this plage.
plage n [F, beach, luminous surface, fr. It piaggia beach, fr. LL
plagia, fr. Gk plagios oblique] 1: the beach of a seaside resort
2: a bright region on the sun that is caused by the light emitted by
clouds of calcium and hydrogen and that is often associated with a sunspot

The water reaches my chest, smoothing the few hairs which populate
my skin's surface, as I lay on the plage looking at the stars.
A warm wind flows across my body, warmed from the sun,
carried on the solar wind across the vacuum of space.
The water reaches my lip, smoothering my mouth,
smoothering my mouth
whispering bubbles
into the sea.

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