Phillip Chee

Dialogue between my past and future self [3/6]
Past Self: D’ya know who you are?
remember the lonely boy
among the vibrant crowds …

Future Self: Still the same, really
really, I am
but maybe more comfortable
among my friends
among the lonely crowds

PS: But what of your dreams?
the dreams that pointed
to the stars among the
cobalt blue heavens...

FS: I believe I hold them dearly
layered into the cortex
of my thoughts
the referential nature
a passion for astronomy
connects dot-by-dot
the constellation of Greek inquiry

PS: Yes, but tell me, are you you?
restless and burdened
the welterweight of conscience
not yet down for the count
caught on the ropes …

FS: It is me and
not me
and me presently
that mode and fashion
of my history
and yet more than me
the not me in becoming

PS: Oh, please, what was that?

FS: Philosophy?

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