Photography #2

Debra Broughton

These days everyone has a camera, so everyone takes photos. Only it’s not so much taking photos as collecting photos. You snap a few times, then gather all your friends together and play them back. Will you even look at them when you get home?

Maybe later that night in the pub. You might load them up to facebook for everyone to see. But everyone is taking photos, so is anyone actually looking.

Sometimes it’s better to leave your phone in your pocket and take a minute to admire the view. If you let the image develop in your memory, you’ll have no issues about how it came out. You’ll remember the intense blue of the sky, the green of the fields. And what’s more, you’ll remember the smell of that spring day. The sound of the child laughing as she ran along the path. And if you take your shoes off just for a moment, you’ll be surprised by how much new shoots of grass can tickle your feet.


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