A conversation about people and landscape

Debra Broughton

In this conversation about the landscape, I aim to explore the connection between people and the environment from two different perspectives of solitude and sharing.


So here it is – the landscape. So beautiful that on a clear day, on a day very much like this, with the warmth of spring in the air, shimmering in the distance, you can sit and stare for hours. An arm around your loved one, your feet dangling over what I may say, is quite a stretch of fresh air.

And there’s the smell, of grass grazed by sheep. Not to mention the feel of the sun of your skin. The way it tingles a little where the light strikes the tip of your nose. You forgot the sunscreen – when you set off this morning you had no idea what was in store.

It is so beautiful it makes your sides ache, and now and then, when you can’t take any more of the beauty of it, you turn to your loved one and you smile. Maybe you steal a kiss, that’s up to you, but either way you couldn’t be happier.

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