The view #2

Debra Broughton

It brings jobs to the valley, so people say. And people are probably right. Jobs are needed, everyone needs a job. Right?

But just look at it, how it intrudes on the view. How it looms over the village of Castleton, spewing out cement dust from its lofty chimney. On the hill to one side, there’s a quarry, where they rip out the limestone from the hillsides. This area was once known for mining, but the caverns dotted over the hillside were excavated from the inside, leaving no trace to spoil the view.

Now there are quarries everywhere and there’s no doubt about it, they spoil the view. And don’t even think about walking over - -- you’ll end up on a dirt road, peering into excavation pits, and skirting around spoil heaps. Mid week, you’d better watch out for the lorries that trundle up and down here. And make sure you get out of the way because they won’t stop for you. If you want the peace and quiet of the countryside, you’d better go somewhere else.

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