The paths #1

Debra Broughton

We love to get up here at weekends, take a stroll along the flank of the Great Ridge. It’s less than half an hour from Sheffield, we take the train, pull on our boots and head off up the wide path. I love that they put in these paths. I wouldn’t come otherwise, there’s too much mud, and in some places you can sink right in. The locals might be used to it, but if you live in a city you’re used to pavements under your feet. You feel safe, and that means you can get out here and explore a little. One of these days I’ll make it all the way up onto Kinder Scout.

I love it out here – there’s no noise, no sirens wailing, no cars, just the chatter of birds and the swish of the breeze through the trees. There aren’t any trees on our street, we never get to heard birdsong, so out here it’s another world to us. And the people we meet as so friendly, everyone says hello when they meet you on the path – you wouldn’t get that at home.

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