The paths #2

Debra Broughton

There are too many people up here. On a day like this you can’t get anywhere near the trig point. And if you try walking the path, you'll risk getting mowed down by a mountain biker, or pushed aside by a hiking group.

I used to love coming here back when I was a kid, but now, just look at it. They built a path with steps all the way up the hill and you know where that leads - now everyone thinks it’s ok to park their car and stop off to admire the view. If you can get anywhere near the view – even if you do, the very moment you begin to fix your eyes on the horizon, a crowd of hikers from Sheffield or Stockport will emerge up those steps they should never have put in and spoil everything.

Why can’t it be quiet like it used to be? No car parks, no stone staircases. The next thing you know there’ll be a man selling ice creams and hot dogs. Forget I said that. No need to give them ideas.

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