Photography #1

Debra Broughton

There is so much to photograph up here, the main problem is not getting a good shot, it’s how to get it all in. How to do justice to the immense undulations of the landscape. How to capture the essence of limestone and peat. There’s the wide expanse of Kinder – this time of year it’s livid with new grass in the fields beneath the plateau. In summer the top is smothered with purple and when you walk the footpath around the edge you can stop for hours and snack on bilberries.

The Great Ridge that runs from Lords Seat to Win Hill is quite another thing. A paved paths runs along it most of the way, and there are cyclists whizzing by, runners pounding the pavement and hiking clubs chatting breathlessly as they climb the hill. if you're lucky, you might get a shot of the highland cattle that climb the hill to graze at the top.
And there is nothing like a winter sunrise from this spot.

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