You Suck: A Conversation

pete rosos

P: “I’ll never forget it. I was only 16. Young. Impressionable. Stupid. I knew about you, but wasn’t really interested until that night.”
Cig: “Please don’t do this ...”
P: “It was dark and loud. The colors from the lights warped everyones’ faces as they wiggled and gyrated to the sounds coming from the stage. Everything felt right. When I first saw you with Charlie, I thought you were someone else. I tried to cut in and Charlie looked at me like I was crazy. He yelled something at me that I couldn’t quite make out over the music. I didn’t hear. I didn’t care. I insisted. Charlie shrugged his shoulders, passed you over, and bowed out. I gave you a kiss and knew immediately you were not who I thought you were. Still, you tasted good and felt right, and I wanted that feeling to keep going. So I held on the whole night through. The next morning I patted myself on the back for what I thought was only a one night stand. Boy was I dumb.”
Cig: “You still are ...”
P: “No matter what I did, I couldn’t get you out of my mind. I’d count the minutes till the next time we’d be together. It didn’t take long before you and I were joined at hip. Over the years we did everything together, and you were always there for me, even through the hard times.”
Cig: “Please stop ...”

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