You Suck: A Conversation

pete rosos

P: “Still, I knew this couldn’t last forever.”
Cig: “Here it comes ...”
P: “I mean you still feel good. The nutty flavor on my lips. Your warm fingers dancing on my throat. The release and the fuzzy relaxation that comes with it. But for awhile now I’ve noticed some problems. First it was little things. Remember when we started to get on some peoples’ nerves.?”
Cig: “Yeah, bu-”
P: “They’d say things like how obnoxious we were, or that we spent way too much time together. I stuck up for you though. So what if we were a little bit boisterous? So what if we enjoyed each others’ company? I mean, who were others to judge us like that, as if they were so perfect? Still, after awhile we both felt a little shunned. We had to make some compromises, and we did. But, we still found time for each other.”
Cig: “Um-”
P: “But lately things have gotten worse.”

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