You Suck: A Conversation

pete rosos

Cig: “Oooooo, stop that. You sound so tough. You know what? I knew one day it was gonna to come down to this. Hell, I knew it the first time I touched your lips. You’re just as weak-kneed and selfish as the rest of ‘em with your ‘hey sweetie‘ and your ‘just hear me out.’ You really thought I was upset not havin’ you around so much lately? Newsflash honey. It’s not gonna be as easy as you think.”
P: “If I can stay away for awhile, I can stay away forever.”
Cig: “Well, go on then! Who’s stoppin’ ya? You’ve made your choice, or at least you thought you have. Just remember baby. I’m always around, and, unlike everyone else, I’ll always be there when you need me most. I’ll soothe your anger and slake your thirst. Sure I cost a little, but I’m worth it. I’ll be your piece-o-mind when you ain’t got one left. So, go on little boy. Do what you think you need to do. Just lemme have one more little goodbye kiss, for old times sake ...”
P: “....”

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