Rachel Irving

OK. Right well she eats her cookie. Oh and can I just say, lucky her, what a wonderful straightforward life she has, just simply eating cookies, without some chatty cookie arguing with her. Anyhow she's eating the cookie then some weirdo, creeper, guy sitting across from her takes a cookie from her bag and eats it, and she's totally freaked out, can’t believe what’s happening, but she’s British and emotionally repressed so she says nothing, just takes another cookie, and then creeper guy takes a cookie, and so on till all the cookies are gone. Then the guy gets off at the next station and when it’s her turn to leave she reaches down to collect up all her stuff, and there, on the seat next to her... duhn duhn duhn...there’s her bag of cookies.

No, that was absolutely not my story. That’s a good story. That wasn’t how mine went at all. Wow! I mean, was the creeper, weirdo guy a wizard or something?

What! NO.

I mean how could they have eaten the cookies and yet still have the cookies, I mean, it’s the whole have your cake and eat it thing.

They were his cookies, stupid. He’d bought the same type of cookies as she had, and without realising it, she ate his cookies.

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