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Daniel Lin

Yes, you're seeing 8 cameras. Yes, each one sees its fair share of use. I've been thinking about doing a photo like this for a while. And, the angle makes my face look kinda weird.

The pair of Canonets I got yesterday, and I've already run a test roll through one of them, and developed it in my darkroom. I love it, as I've wanted a rangefinder of my own for about a year now. The black XT was my first serious camera, and slowly, my dad let me use more and more of his stuff. Now, my dad's moved back to a point and shoot digital, whereas (13000 frames later), the black XT has been worn smooth where my fingers go. That's as close as I've gotten to becoming one with my camera. The Minolta SLRs on the floor are/were my dad's, but he never uses them, as he's moved into digital, which is beside the silver XT. I use the 5D whenever I need Minolta's Anti-Shake, mainly at night or when I'm not sure about the lighting at the venue.

Yet, it's the Canonet that I've fallen in love with. It might be automatic, but it brings new meaning to photography for me. It's my first fully manual camera, and a rangefinder to boot. And it was $10 too. My mom thought it was a bad idea, but I'm never looking back now.

BTW, the black XT with a Sigma 10-20 and a bounced flash (which got cut off by the mirror) took this photo.

Mmmmm.... I really want to name my cameras. Or at least my Canonet.

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