jamelah e.

I've experimented with mirror multiples before, and thought I'd do it again, because, well, I could. Considering the number of self-portraits I've taken in my bathroom mirror (which would be many more than I've posted), you'd think I'd have figured out that I should clean the mirror before shooting. But, uh, nope. Still haven't gotten that one.

Anyway, this is me and my camera. I had another camera that got fried in a rainstorm and then an important-looking piece of metal fell out of it, and then I had to violate it with a paperclip whenever I wanted to shoot a picture (and even then, it would sometimes refuse to do anything and sometimes would turn itself off in protest). It finally died, which put an end to our tortured relationship. A few weeks later, I got this camera (a Canon PowerShot S2 IS) for Christmas. I don't have anything really interesting to report about it, I guess because we get along pretty well.

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