Beckett and the Rebel

Beckett Gladney

I love my camera with an unreasonable passion. It's by far the best camera I've ever owned and I hope never to have to change to another. It feels like a good friend whose secret life I have barely begun to get to know. And I look forward to learning more of its secrets. I may at some point grow enough as a photog to want a better lens, but I love the body and the way it fits me and the way the controls are laid out and how intuitive it feels to me. I like grabbing the case with the weight of it inside to take with me; it's like a small but weighty friend who will help me see the wonders around me more clearly as I go through my days. It helps me appreciate life better, it whispers to me to look with seeing eyes and catch the moments before they slip away. And when I take self portraits it reminds me of how ridiculous I am.

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