Camera obscura my cheapest camera ever

Robert Harper

Forget your pinhole cameras what you need is a camera obscura, which means that you turn one of your rooms into a camera.

Buy a big strip of black plastic from the garden centre. Cut a hole in it the size of a 1€ coin, or if you want to get arty then do it in the shape of a hexagon so it looks like a shutter. Hang it up in the window and tape it down so no light gets into the room except through the hole in the plastic.

I got an upside-down projection of the trees outside our house on the back wall of the room, but it was more shadows than a real picture... I would go as far to say that it was shite.

But what can you expect from a 1 euro camera with no lens? What you need is advice from an expert likeMarja Pirilä . She combines camera obscura projections with normal photography and achieves amazing atmospheric results. She does it right.

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