I want to be a minimalist like Striatic

Tony Roberts

I want to be a minimalist like Striatic: But I just can't keep my stuff tidy enough.

Made for Utata for the "Me and My Camera" Project

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This is the best camera I've ever owned (Olympus E-500) and I sometimes manage some reasonable shots with it. I've been taking photographs for about a dozen years - I got a Practika T1000 second hand that long ago and have been trying to get the hang of image-making ever since. I've learnt more on Flickr in a year and a bit than all the time before that put together.

I'm sure if I didn't have a job, a wife and three children under 5 years old I could put some proper time in and get things better organised.

But then I'd have nothing precious to shoot and the time for photography wouldn't be so appreciated. :)

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