Self-Portrait With Human

Patrick Power

He lugs me everywhere... to work, to lunch, to dinner, to the bathroom!!! He takes showers with me, allowing my precious lens to get steamed up (the damned fool broke his UV filter and hasn't bothered to replace it yet... meanwhile I have to endure the risk of damage due to his negligence... or clumsiness!)

I will say, however, that he has taken me to Paris and Madrid and San Francisco and Austin and Pittsburgh and Kingston (Ontario... wherever that is) and, uh, Toledo. So being his camera hasn't been a total loss.

I'm not so happy when he forces these self-portrait sessions upon me... he knows how I hate pictures of myself. He never gives me much of a chance to get ready... he just starts pushing my buttons and twisting my knobs and expects me to perform.


Why couldn't I have been a view camera? Why couldn't he have been Ansel Adams or someone whose hands would probably have treated me better?

Lately, I have overheard him talking about DSLRs... I was pretty once. I still am, aren't I? Aren't I?!?

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