Lynn Longos

i told someone i was turning fifty this summer. they said, 'oh, you won't believe how fast your fifties will go.'

i think i will believe, just because i know how fast my forties went.

it makes me want to really live one moment at a time, in the hopes of slowing things down some. working on the quality of life. often i feel like i just want to get through the day, and i have high hopes for the tomorrows. ahh, yes, tomorrow i will be reborn and life will be great! and then that day is sort of the same.

i guess you really can't do the same thing expecting different results. i know that intellectually. emotionally is often a whole different thing.

change is sometimes hard, but also good. no matter how scary it may seem. there is a need for some big changes around here. big.

wish me luck.

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