The Gelatinous Nature of Water

Tom Atwell

Using a bunch of Lego pieces I made a little flat car and attached this glass to it with rubber bands and partially filled it with water. To give it more mass a laptop battery was strapped behind the glass. Then a 2X4 was clamped to the top of Katy’s desk and a large white poster board was set on the back of the desk leaning against the wall. The camera shutter was set at 1/6 of a second. The strobe light was set to flash at a similar rate and the room light was turned off. The glass was pushed towards the 2X4. After the Lego car hit the 2X4 I pressed the remote for the camera capturing this shot.

I tried doing this using the sound of the Lego car hitting the 2X4 and the flash triggering device, but I could not set the delay slow enough. As it turns out it was easy enough to get the shutter speed synced with the strobe speed to catch one flash of the strobe light.

This photo has been added to the Utata This Is Me project, because in more ways than one this is me.

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