goldtoes in the grass

jamelah e.

You know, when your toenails are painted gold, you might as well take pictures of them. Because they're asking for it, really. I'd been walking around and grew tired of my shoes (as is my custom -- I love shoes, but I don't actually love wearing them) so I kicked them off and snapped a couple of pictures. When I looked at this in Photoshop I was kind of surprised because when did I become so white? I'm not even a white person. My my.

Also, I love this skirt.

It's been kind of rainy today, so I decided to take my Thursday walk (this would be the Utata Thursday Walk) close to home (read: in my yard) so that if it started to pour, I wouldn't be too far away. Also, me + rain + photography don't mix too well... snapping shots of a rainstorm last summer was how I fried my last camera.

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