Lady in a pink dress and Sunhat


(from the 1on1 group) my first 7,824 viewed picture I guess I know what you want now.

The lady in a hat.
I took this picture because it made me stop and look. I was driving down the street
And I see her out the corner of my eye. She is up against a house arms straight out dressed up for a party with pearls on. But you see it a very hot Saturday afternoon.
Odd, so I slow down, then stop and raised my camera and shot it. I did cut out much
of the house and over grown garden, leavening just her.
My goal is to have everyone view it and have the most look at picture on flickr less the (full nudes out there). It’s not my normal subject of a picture I like to take But it has moved into the 250 viewed picture group in a few days, more then any other picture. Mind you Ansel Adams I’m not but I believe I have a one or two good pictures out there that someone would Like to view. Well I hope you found this story of interest and feel free to view my other shots.

Awesome arms

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