Piggy says "Oink"

Christine P

Don't mess with Piggy.

Last month, msh was introduced to Piggy, one of Laika's beloved (see: biten, shaken, chewed, maimed, slobbered on) friends. Piggy was featured for the item "A scar" as Laika had recently removed one of his ears. He forgave her though, as it was just a flesh wound. Only a day later, Laika removed the other side of piggy's face, ripped out his brains, and removed his voice box. Piggy was laid to rest in the graveyard among Laika's other fallen friends.

This morning dawned without the usual sound of Laika yelling for breakfast. We came down from the loft to find this frightening sight. Laika, dead. Piggy standing over her, returned as a scarred and rotting zombie, with a sharp knife replacing his formerly friendly voice.... OINK

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