to be alive as a poet is to be
in conversation with one’s eyes
(Notes on a Visit to Le Tuc D'Audoubert — Clayton Eshleman)

Here is a true thing: people join Utata for the photography — but they stay for the conversation. So it's only natural — and maybe inevitable — that Utata would create a photography project called A Conversation.

This, after all, is who we are and what we do; we take photographs and we talk. We take photographs of everything; we talk about everything. Utata is a conversation. Every aspect of us, a conversation. Every photograph we post and every comment we make, part of the conversation. Every statement every image every question every portrait every laugh landscape wink thought abstract reference snapshot, all part of the conversation.

With this project, we introduce the concept of conversation into the conversation. It sounds a little crazy, but it's entirely consistent with UtataLogic. We're not all poets, but we all know how to have a conversation with our eyes. We hope you enjoy A Conversation. We hope you join in.

Phoenix Coverley

jamelah e.

pete rosos

Debra Broughton

Carol Schiraldi

Lisa Toboz

Greg Herringer

Beckett Gladney

Greg Fallis

Rachel Irving

Karen Christine Hibbard

Liz West

Stefan Jansson


Phillip Chee