Just One

We are surrounded by things, stuff, widgets, gizmos, devices, bits and bobs. Our lives are overflowing.

With this project Utata concentrates our minds and cameras on just one single thing; a kumquat, a mandolin, a door. That love letter which matters much more than any other words on paper, the doohickey you can never find when you need it, a silly trinket you have toted around for umpteen years, the secret talisman which is truly a modest pebble, or maybe just a piece of trash.

Whatever it turns out to be, we want to share just one thing with you.

Greg Herringer
Carol Schiraldi
Greg Fallis
Jenny Spadafora
jamelah e.
Carol Pauli
Alida Thorpe
Brett Fernau
Mark Menzies
Rachel Irving
clari posa
Karen Christine Hibbard
Kathy Nobles
Martin Suess
Nancy Ward
Stefan Jansson
barbara ender
Pam Martin
Radi Ann Porter
Paul Morriss