Similar Things

There are so many objects in a post industrial world. We might have ten different types of knives in our kitchen, and no longer notice the variety of lamp-posts that light the road home. A child might keep an easy tally of all the yellow cars they see, or name each tree, or classify cobwebs on the ceiling.

As adults we turn to collecting with our cameras. We seek out bathtub madonnas in Boston. We hunt wild orchids on Iona. We gather images of that certain type of thing, the elusive special subject. This is our moment to share them and celebrate oneness with Utata.

Patrick Lentz
Mac Logue
Chris Growing Fruit
Gwen E. Sprague
Sezgin Ismail
Seldon Scott
Cindy Crane
Liz West
Phillip Chee
Andy Carroll
Ken Lunders
Tom Magliery
Phil Norton
Lisa Toboz
jody miller
Maureen Bond
nana jana
Malcolm Matthews