Workin' on our night moves
In the summertime
In the sweet sweet summertime
(Bob Seger)

Night does odd things to us. It makes us a little crazy. We see things a little differently; we act a little differently. There are things we'll do at night that we'd never do in the daytime; there are things we do in the day that we're too afraid to do at night.

Night makes some people afraid. To others, it gives courage. Night touches us all, and touches us in ways we don't entirely understand. Look at these images of people in the night; see how the night has touched them—and let them touch you in return.

jody miller

Mark Menzies

Patrick Lentz

Sam Turner

Nancy Ward


John Baucher

Carol Schiraldi

Joan Hill

Amelia White

Beckett Gladney

Seldon Scott

Kimm Still

Nick Oprea

Happy Tinfoil Cat

Gwen E. Sprague

Karen Blix