This is where the smartphone shines. It's also where the smartphone consigns us all to eternal damnation. It's the perfect instrument for creating and spreading visual memes. The duckface selfie, the damn hell bathroom, the meal you're about to eat, the coffee you just drank, the drunken friend, the here-are-my-feet-scapes, the Nicki Minaj derriere, the blacked-out-teeth. It's the best and the worst aspects of the smartphone camera.

This is the smartphone as snarkphone.


Dianne Garry

Debra Broughton

Carol Pauli


Kathy Nobles

Thiophene_ Guy

Gwen E. Sprague

Seldon Scott

Lisa Toboz

clari posa

Kevin O'Conner

Michael Perkins

Susan Ann

Sam Turner

Martin Suess