Go. The operative term is go. From the proto-Indo-European ghe — which apparently referred to the process of releasing. Letting loose. Letting go.

And yes, of course, we snatched the title of this project from the briefly wildly popular game that swept the globe, Utatamon Go. It doesn't even need an exclamation point. The exclamation point is assumed. If you have to use the exclamation point, then the point is lost.

Utatamon Go. And where have we gone? We've gone wild, of course. And we've gone diva, because of course we would. We've gone dreamy, because dreams ignore rational borders. We've gone arts, because that's where we live. We've gone drinking, and surely that needs no explanation. And, to absolutely nobody's surprise, we've gone nuts.

So here it is, at long last. Utatamon Go. It's been let loose. It's been released. It's a go.