Before we even called them memes there was this kind of meme; the red button. It was a white screen with a red circle and the instruction Do Not Press. Human nature being what it is, we pressed, and the words changed to *Ahem* Do Not Press; and so of course we pressed again, then the words became ever angrier, and we kept on pressing as the tension between us and the red circle continued to escalate. The circle/button sometimes multiplied, it even changed colour, yet still curiosity drove us on, we kept pressing. Do you remember? In retrospect I wonder was it some kind of warning to us from a traveller in time who went back to  twenty-whenever, to comically warn us not to get sucked into dumb junk on the internet. To avoid stupid online arguments which we cannot win, when we should instead be busy fixing the planet?

This is a calming picture of a mown field, the epitome of well ordered modern agriculture. So you might wonder why do I mention the big red button.

Have you worked it out yet?

Look closer and…


Do not press the red button.

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