Shop Window, Carpenteria, Ca.

There’s a little sign in this shop window. It reads:

Mood — I need new clothes.

What we have here — in this shop window in the small oceanside town of Carpenteria — is a subtle, thoughtful, rather charming way to manipulate the passer-by into believing that sign. Shop window display is an underrated craft. It’s not easy to create a visual presentation that will catch the eye of a person in the brief moment during which that person passes by the window, and convince that person to stop, look at the display, and decide to enter the shop.

Here, it’s the red that pulls the eye in. Yes, there’s the mannequin on the bicycle that arrests the eye, but all those small patches of red seize the eye and pull it around to all the merchandise displayed. The eye makes a circuit of those red patches, ending up at the red cup next to the sign. And hey, you know what? I am sort of in the mood to buy new clothes.

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