Iron photographer 293 – Diet Juice, its light

There was once a woman who loved carrots. She ate them daily; raw, steamed, julienned, vichyssoise, lyonnaise and every which way. She juiced them and drank them. She loved them, until one day her skin turned orange. I feel like I personally knew her, yet it seems unlikely.

The President of the USA is also somewhat orange. Or at least it appears that way.  He has claimed he only looks orange when lit by  energy efficient light and not when illuminated by the old fashioned incandescent bulbs. I somehow doubt that he drinks carrot juice.

It is absolutely unlikely that this photograph might have anything, and yet everything, to do with both carrot juice and the President of the USA. Maybe it is only so because I claim it is so, and I am the self proclaimed president of the UIP (Utatan Iron Photographer). Please note that Carotenemia is reversible, if one takes the appropriate dietary steps, while orange presidents are entirely another matter.

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