Before the Parade

TUFFY: Okay, let’s make this quick and clean. Muffy, you guard the door; nobody in or out. Buffy, you keep the bank clients quiet; put ’em on the floor and keep ’em there. We don’t want no heroes. I’ll handle the tellers. In and out in seven minutes, tops. Okay, let’s…
BUFFY: Wait…am I Buffy or Muffy?
TUFFY: You’re Buffy, okay? Then let’s…
BUFFY: How am I supposed to keep the clients quiet? What, do I shoot ’em if they talk?
MUFFY: We’re not shooting anybody. Tuffy, you said no shooting.
TUFFY: Nobody’s getting shot. Buffy, you intimidate ’em, that’s all. Scare ’em.
BUFFY: Intimida…I’m wearing a polar bear costume, how am I suppose to intimidate anybody?
TUFFY: It’s an abominable snowman costume, not a polar bear. Abominable snowmen are scary.
MUFFY: I thought we were polar bears too.
TUFFY: WE’RE NOT POLA…never mind. Bears are scary too, okay? Now, we got a bank to rob, so let’s get…
BUFFY: Once I get ’em on the floor, can I kick ’em?
TUFFY: Can you what?
MUFFY: I’m okay with Tuffy kicking ’em. I just don’t want anybody shot.
TUFFY: I’m Tuffy. That’s Buffy. And sure, go ahead, kick ’em if they make any noise.
BUFFY: Any noise at all?
TUFFY: Any loud noise.
BUFFY: How loud would…
TUFFY: Use your judgment, okay? Can we just go rob this bank now?
MUFFY: I got to go pee.
TUFFY: I swear to god…
MUFFY: Ten minutes, just give me…
BUFFY: It takes you ten minutes to pee?
MUFFY: I’m in a polar bear costume, remember? It ain’t pee-friendly.
TUFFY: Seven minutes. We’re in and out in seven minutes. Can’t you hold it for sev…
BUFFY: Maybe we should try again tomorrow? Muffy can pee and I’ll have time to practice looking intimidating in a polar bear costume.
TUFFY: We’d have been done by now if you two hadn’t…
MUFFY: You sound like my mom. She has a weak bladder too.

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