barbara ender

iron photographer 282 requires:
1. The oldest item of clothing you own
2. Something ornate
3. Saturated colours.

You might say a college scarf is not clothing but an accessory. Well, I clothed myself in it when I was a student for three years from 1966.
Once I got on a train in Wolverhampton and wondered why all the passengers were wearing my college scarf. Turns out it was the same as their football team and they were on their way to a match.

I don't have much in the way of ornate - but last Friday I had my eyes tested for new glasses, because the old ones broke when I was in Mainz, and the craft market was on; there was a very striking and friendly Peruvian man called Mikary selling jewellery of stones and knotted string, a technique called khipou where all you need is string, beeswax and your fingers. I thought he made something quite ornate out of simple things. So bought this pendant and made my specs expedition a little more expensive. On the positive side, my eyesight has improved over six years since I last had it checked. on facebook

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