Utata Mugshot

We'd like to see what everyone can do with the "Mug Shot" style. The project was inspired by the photo stream of "Least Wanted", who finds and scans vintage mugshots that he collects from unique sources. They are all amazing, some funny, some scary, some sad. Now, for the details: It must be a diptych-two images-one that is a profile, and one that is shot straight on, then positioned side by side. you can use this tool from fd to group your 2 photos together, if you need it: bighugelabs.com/flickr/mosaic.php It must be Black and White, or Sepia, or shot in any monotone color. If you do not have a photo editor, you can use the online editor www.picnick.com It must be the face and profile of a real person-you, a friend, your mama, a real felon. It's great if you can include a sign underneath, but we're flexible on this point.
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