Utata Thursday Walk 755

Well it looks like we are firmly in a second phase of a COVID-19 pandemic. Like the flu pandemic of 1918 I suspect it will be a couple of years before it flattens. I can't predict the future but I feel certain we will be in this state for another six months, regardless of what happens after the U.S. presidential elections. Will the world re-think all the things that never worked pre-pandemic and move on to a more equitable path for all? I'm not optimistic in the short-term. But hey, let's take a break from doom and gloom and turn our thoughts to something more prosaic. Our weekly Utata Thursday Walks have been an escape for many of us, albeit just for a moment, once-a-week. So, go out for a walk and take some photos. Tag 'em with utata:project=tw755 and post one small image in this thread.
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