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If you can put it in front of your lens and shoot through it, this weekend, it's a filter! We aren't looking for photoshop trickery filters, or fancy ones that actually screw onto your lens. We want the kind of filter you, or your assistant (or your cat, or your little sister) hold in front of (or tape onto, or sticky-tack onto) your lens to shoot through! Do-it-yourself filters include things like sunglasses, dirty car windows, bubble wrap, the lace from that awful bridesmaid's dress hanging in the basement closet, cellophane, a magnifying glass, a bottle of Jone's soda... You get the picture. And you get it through something. The specifics... The image should be shot through a "made" filter that has some sort of effect on the image on the other side The filter needs to be used for the whole photograph frame; therefore, the edges item you are using as a filter should not be visible. Please include some text in your image's description! Tell us how you made the filter, what the filter is, or why you chose to frame the shot the way you did, or even include a quote or lyric that goes along with the image.
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