Rachel Irving

What do you mean it was all my fault?

For eating a cookie.

What do you mean "for eating a cookie"? Dude, you’ve been talking to me for the last like... forever, and I have not even had so much as a nibble. Argh! This can’t end well.
We both know I am going to have to eat you cookie.

You could maybe set me free.

Free, free a cookie. What would you do?

I dunno, I’d just hang out, maybe listen to music, you could come by, we could have a little conversation.

But I’m hungry.

Well why don’t you go and eat one of those apples that I saw in the kitchen? Much healthier for you, you won’t get fillings.

Alright then.

Really! You mean it. OK!


I’ll guess I’ll see you around then.

Yeah, bye then.

(...five minutes)

Wait, wait stop don’t eat me. I think maybe I know your sister.

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